The eight member groups determine WORC’s focus. Most often, these issues have a direct or potential impact on local communities in the region.

WORC is now concentrating on a variety of issues related to protecting air, land, and water, energy, human health, sustainable agriculture, and family farming and ranching.

Animal Factories

Clean, Renewable Energy
  Toward a Sustainable Future Report for the U.S. Power Sector: Beyond Business as usual 2011

  Oil, Gas, and Coalbed Methane
  Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline
  Rural Electric Cooperatives

Fair Trade

Food Safety

Hardrock Mining

Livestock Market Reform
  Animal Identification
  Competitive and Transparent Pricing
  Livestock Title of Farm Bill
  Country-of-Origin Labeling
  Packer Ban
  Undue Preferences

Local Foods

No Genetically Modified Crops
  GM Alfalfa
  GM Wheat

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