WORC’s Principles of Community Organizing training develops skills of leaders and staff to build powerful organizations and launch winning issue campaigns. The hands-on workshop covers the basics of leadership, fundraising, organizational development, and community organizing.

Principles of Community Organizing

March 21-24, 2018

Home on the Range
Billings, Montana

“Just a few days after returning from the workshop, I had the opportunity to do my first large-donor ask. The result was a $750 donation to Dakota Rural Action.

Because of my experience at this workshop, I feel I will be able to continue my fundraising work for DRA with this same level of comfort and confidence.”

   – Wyatt Urlacher, member



Principles of Community Organizing

July 18-21, 2018

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

These workshops cover the range of skills and topics for community organizers and leaders of grassroots community organizations.

  • Why we organize
  • Roles of leaders and staff
  • Membership recruitment
  • Developing an issue campaign
  • Planning and taking actions
  • Healthy organizations
  • Leadership development
  • Building strong relationships
  • Working with the media
  • Running good meetings
  • Grassroots fundraising

To  make these workshops lively, effective and participatory, trainers use small group activities, videos, role plays, and open discussion. Apply here.

Each participant receives a copy of Applying the Principles of Community Organizing, a practical notebook of support materials.

Fee is $100 for eligible members of WORC’s member groups and $500 for non-members.