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Symbiotic Relationships are the Key to Understanding Rural Vitality

These three new Homegrown Stories illustrate how symbiotic relationships make farming and ranching some of the most interconnected professions on the planet. Whether it’s the personal relationships between farmers and the people looking to eat healthy, local food, or the relationship … Continued

western native voice community organizer

Western Native Voice Community Spotlight: Patrick Yawakie

Meet Patrick Yawakie, community organizer, advocate, and founder of the #DecolonizeTurtleIsland grassroots movement. This month Western Native Voice visited with Patrick Yawakie in order to learn more about what inspires his activism and community involvement. Patrick is a food sovereignty … Continued

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The 10 Worst Checkoff Program Abuses

Huge corporations use Ag Checkoff Programs to lobby against family farmers. It’s time to change that. You may not know what a checkoff program is, but chances are, you’ve seen one. Checkoff programs are essentially government-created commodity research and promotion enterprises. … Continued

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This Is How Big Ag-Supported Policies in NAFTA Devastate farmers

Congress must reject any renegotiated NAFTA that includes ISDS and other policies that hurt independent farmers. Idaho Organization of Resource Councils member Christina Stucker-Gassi explains in a letter-to-the-editor published in the Idaho Press, how over the last twenty-five years, NAFTA … Continued

crow and northern cheyenne activist and leader

Western Native Voice Community Spotlight: BethYana Pease

Meet BethYana Pease, Lodge Grass Alderwoman and community organizer. Western Native Voice Community Spotlight visited BethYana Pease, the activist who launched Missing and Murdered Indigenous People (MMIP) movement on the Crow and Northern Cheyenne reservations, as well as the Build-a-Bike program for her community … Continued

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Four things to know about the Farm Bill

And how it impacts your table, your community, and our country Chances are, you’ve seen a bit of news about the Farm Bill lately. There’s also a good chance that, especially if you’re not a farmer, you passed it off … Continued