Wyoming family farmer and rancher

Farm Bill Will Hurt, Not Help, Local Farmers

Wyoming farmer Theresa Shaw lays out why the 2018 Farm Bill is a bad deal for local farmers. This letter-to-the-editor by Theresa Shaw ran in the Sheridan Press on May 15th, 2018. Farmers and ranchers are a diverse group of … Continued

elevated harvest farms, montana

Young Farmers Delivering on the Promise of Local Food

Small-scale farmers are pushing the limits of how food is produced and distributed to local markets. This week, Homegrown Stories features three young farmers making local food available to urban markets, changing the way food goes from their farms to … Continued

BLM Fails to Change with Coal Market

Guest editorial lays out why the BLM’s approach to coal leasing lags behind both science and the coal market. The following piece was printed as a guest editorial in the Billings Gazette on May 4, 2018. The column, written by … Continued

Crimes against critical infrastructure bill

Riding the Wyoming Legislative Rollercoaster

Following the Crimes Against Critical Infrastructure Bill, which threatens 1st Amendment and property-owners’ rights, through the winding halls of the Wyoming Legislature. Legislation drafted by a consortium of the most powerful fossil fuel industries and corporate interests in the country … Continued

native american student and clothing designer

Western Native Voice Community Spotlight: Marita Growing Thunder

Meet Marita Growing Thunder, leader, activist and clothing designer. Western Native Voice Community Spotlight visited Marita Growing Thunder, Missoula-based activist and leader within the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW) movement, to learn more about what inspires her activism and … Continued