Fast-Track-to-TPP-600x467American trade policy should strengthen, not weaken, the health, environment, food sovereignty, working conditions, labor rights, and transparent, competitive market principles of this country and all countries.

WORC’ s Trade Bill of Rights outlines basic fair trade principles, including

  • The right of countries to preserve family farms and promote global food security.
  • Strong labor, environmental and public health standards.
  • Fair and democratic negotiations processes that allow for public input by the very people affected by the agreements.

News from Fair Trade

Trans-Pacific Partnership farm groups fair trade

Presidential candidates on the Trans-Pacific Partnership

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Trans-Pacific Partnership farm groups fair trade

WORC, farm groups urge Congress to reject trade deal

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) has become a divisive issue in the nation’s capital, and criticism intensified after 161 food, farm, faith and rural organizations sent…