Apply now! Principles Of Community Organizing – Online Training Series English/Español (3/4/23-4/15/23)

WORC’s Principles of Community Organizing training develops the skills of leaders and staff to build powerful organizations and launch winning issue campaigns. The hands-on workshop covers the basics of leadership, fundraising, organizational development, and community organizing.

  • The training will be conducted via Zoom and, as with our in-person training, it will be participatory and highly interactive. 
  • This training will be led in English and simultaneous interpretation to Spanish will be available.
  • Space is limited and the training is capped at 35 participants. 
  • You can expect some take-home assignments to complete between sessions, so please plan accordingly. 

Applications close the evening of January 22nd.

“Just a few days after returning from the workshop, I had the opportunity to do my first large-donor ask. The result was a $750 donation to Dakota Rural Action.Because of my experience at this workshop, I feel I will be able to continue my fundraising work for DRA with this same level of comfort and confidence.”   – Wyatt Urlacher, member


The online training series will include a mix of weekday evening and Saturday morning sessions over the course of several weeks beginning in March and continuing through mid-April. As with our face-to-face training, the sessions will be interactive and build on one another. The training is strengthened with everyone’s full participation. Participants are strongly encouraged to attend the entire training series.

All times in Mountain Time

Saturday Sessions will be held from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm* and will include a lunch break.

Wednesday sessions will be held from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm and will include a break

Session 1: Saturday, March 4 *This first session will be held from 10:00 am – 2:30 pm

Session 2: Wednesday, March 8

Session 3: Wednesday, March 15

Session 4: Wednesday, March 22 

Session 5: Saturday, March 25

Session 6: Wednesday, March 29

Session 7: Wednesday, April 5

Session 8: Wednesday, April 12

Session 9: Saturday, April 15

Topics include:

  • Why Organize, Power & Conflict
  • Characteristics of Community Organizations
  • Self Interest & one-on-one relational meetings
  • Leadership Development
  • Identifying & Picking an Issue
  • Developing an Issue Campaign
  • Membership Systems & Recruitment
  • Meaningful Meetings
  • Grassroots Fundraising & Organizing 


General public:

Tuition is on a sliding scale between $250 and $1,000 for non-members. Tuition is self selected, based on individual and organizational resources supporting those applying. Guidance is included in the application form.

Members of the WORC’s groups:

As members of the WORC network and our member groups, you receive significantly subsidized tuition at network trainings. In 2023, tuition for members and staff in the WORC network is $50. Please contact the staff director of your WORC member group to make sure you have the director’s support to apply and that you qualify for the reduced tuition.

Once you have received the staff director’s approval to apply at the discounted rate, please apply!

Applications close the evening of January 22nd.

Reviews from participants in the last Online POCO

“You all totally nailed this in a virtual setting, and I’m so inspired by it.  Lots of breakouts but all with clear purpose and thought behind it, setting up expectations (as a group) from the beginning, using a tool to “go around the table” when that is so hard virtually, inviting people to share without judgment if they didn’t – the list goes on and on.  I learned a lot just from your virtual meeting facilitation skills, not to mention all the strong sessions.  And I feel like I met and got to know some amazing organizers and have already leaned on some of them for guidance and feedback.”

“It was really cool to see after close to a year of organizing how these lessons hit different, or meant something new to me. It was so valuable to revisit, deepen my understanding, and learn from folks from around the country! It was a good opportunity too to zoom out of the everyday organizing work and take a big picture look at it again.”

“I appreciated how each session was clearly defined with an agenda and specific topic and how the pace was manageable and not overwhelming with too much content each day.”

“This helped me deepen skills that use on a daily basis in my work, and energize me about doing some of them better or differently.”