Irresponsible oil and gas drilling threatens public health, safety, agriculture, land, water, and air. Millions of acres of land across the West are being disturbed by:

  • pipelines and roads
  • compressor stations
  • transmission lines
  • flares
  • wastewater containment ponds
  • exploding oil trains
  • well pads

Oil and gas development is turning agricultural land into industrial sites, and cities into oil train blast zones. This does not have to be the case.

Oil and gas development can and must be done right, without polluting our land, air, and water or leaving landowners and taxpayers with the costs of cleanup.

WORC and its member groups in Colorado, Idaho, North Dakota, Montana, and Wyoming are organizing to reduce flaring and venting of natural gas, ensure safe and responsible disposal of oilfield waste, and working to make oil trains and oil pipelines safer.

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