WORC welcomes North Dakota Native Vote to the network

North Dakota Native Vote has been winning on fair districting, protecting voter rights, and a host of other issues critical to Indigenous communities.

At its December meeting, the WORC Board unanimously approved the membership of North Dakota Native Vote to the WORC network.

North Dakota Native Vote began as a project of Western Native Voice’s affiliate, Montana Native Vote in 2018. In 2019, NDNV built out to become a standalone year-round civic engagement and voter protection group. 

Since venturing out on their own, North Dakota Native Vote has built the organization up to five full-time, permanent staff. The organization “works to engage tribal members in constructing a representative democracy by working in reservation communities as well as urban areas to create and affect policy and equal representation for the Native people of North Dakota.” They’ve also been busy taking on issue work such as rural electric cooperative reform, building out of their rural climate and energy work, and advocating federal policy on victims’ rights and federal protections for tribal nations. 

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North Dakota Native Vote has had multiple legislative wins against bills that have targeted voter rights and attempts to create extra hurdles for Indigenous voters already dealing with North Dakota’s complex electoral system. More recently, they were able to secure two split House districts on two of four targeted reservations which led to the election of two new Native American legislators. 

To learn more about North Dakota Native Vote’s work on voting rights, victim’s rights, upholding treaties, food and energy sovereignty, and North Dakota legislative issues visit www.ndnativevote.org.

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