grassroots organizing in the western us

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Defend clean energy and tell FERC not to kill net metering

The clean and renewable energy revolution is well underway, but an anti-clean-energy group is pushing a major rule change at the federal level that would threaten affordable clean energy in every state. Solar developments in the West depend heavily on allowing homeowners to sell their excess clean energy to their neighbors at a fair price. If successful, this proposal would eliminate the pricing structure that has made solar affordable in our region.  

Take action: Tell FERC to deny the petition now!

Suspend pollution enforcement in the middle of a public health crisis? Tell the EPA NO!

While you and I are focused on keeping our families safe during the current pandemic and economic crisis, the Trump administration is quietly gutting an astounding number of environmental regulations that protect the public from dangerous pollution. On March 26th, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced that companies across the country can now decide for themselves whether they can meet requirements for air and water pollution. EPA has never done anything like this before, and the policy has no end date. 

Take action: Tell the EPA to keep strong protections!

Sign our petition to close these beef labeling loopholes

Today’s agricultural economy has stopped working for producers. Cattle prices are far below the cost of production. Meanwhile, meatpackers are netting record profits at the expense of U.S. ranchers. And the labels used by meatpackers do not accurately tell consumers where meat is from: meatpackers are no longer required to label all beef and pork that’s born, raised and slaughtered in the U.S., and a loophole allows imported beef and pork to be labeled “Product of the USA.” 


Stand up for public voices in Federal decision making: Tell the CEQ to protect NEPA!

On January 10th, the Council on Environmental Quality proposed the largest changes to NEPA’s implementation in the past 40 years, effectively gutting the law which protects people across the mountain west, and across the country. CEQ’s proposed rulemaking would affect every major federal action the government takes, from decisions to open up public oil and gas reserves for development, to managing public lands, to the construction of industrial facilities and major transportation infrastructure.


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