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Tell the EPA to use the Clean Air Act to cut methane pollution

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is finally revisiting one of the largest contributors to climate change – methane air pollution from the oil and gas industry. They hosted three listening sessions in June 2021, and are requesting community and stakeholder input on an upcoming EPA methane rule that would restore reasonable regulation of oil and gas companies’ methane pollution. 

Methane is a powerful greenhouse gas more than 80 times more potent than carbon dioxide over a 20 year period. Due to its short lifetime in the atmosphere, quick action now has the ability to curb the global rate of warming by 30%, lessening overall warming by one-quarter of a degree Celsius by 2050. 

Protect your community from methane pollution. Demand that the EPA enact a strict methane rule to cut methane pollution 65% by 2025. 

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Urge Congress to restore common-sense methane waste safeguards today!

Four years ago, our members across the West hit the phones and organized to stop the rollback of common-sense air pollution standards for new oil and gas wells in a newly elected Republican Senate–and won, handing the Trump Administration their first defeat in Congress. Without the support of Congress, it took the Trump EPA years to roll back the requirement that oil and gas companies limit their methane pollution.

Fortunately now, with one simple vote, this Congress can get regulation of methane emissions from the oil and gas industry back on track. A pair of resolutions pending before the House and the Senate will, if approved, rescind damaging policies adopted by the previous administration, restore pollution protections, and clear the way for EPA to adopt next-generation standards for all oil and gas operations.



“Representative Haaland’s leadership could not be more timely and necessary.”

In this closely divided Senate, every voice of support counts. Reach out to your senator asking them to support Representative Debra Haaland to become the next secretary of the interior.

Members of Congress across the West support their colleague, Representative Debra Haaland, leading the Department of the Interior. But our opposition, which wants to see another oil and gas lobbyist lead the department, is starting to organize against us. Your Senator needs to hear your support before Representative Haaland’s nomination is heard this month!

Tell your senator to support Representative Haaland’s Nomination to Secretary of the Interior!



Companies should pay to clean up their oil and gas operations, NOT taxpayers or landowners. With oil and gas demand falling dramatically during the pandemic, thousands of oil and gas wells are being idled, and not all operators are able to properly plug and reclaim them. In many cases, operators are going bankrupt and leaving behind newly orphaned wells with insufficient funds for plugging and reclamation, costing workers their jobs and shifting the clean-up costs to taxpayers. Energy experts have estimated that a major federal cleanup program could create more than 120,000 jobs, putting skilled workers in mostly rural areas back to work quickly.

Take action: Tell your senator to create jobs and reclaim wells!



Transitioning to clean energy is one of the most promising cornerstones of an economic recovery that benefits all people and our planet. Clean energy industries (solar, wind, geothermal, energy efficiency, and storage) employ more people than fossil fuel industries and, with the right support, are poised to create even more jobs that can be done in a world of social distancing.

Take action: Click here to speak out on this critical issue.


Defend clean energy and tell FERC not to kill net metering

The clean and renewable energy revolution is well underway, but an anti-clean-energy group is pushing a major rule change at the federal level that would threaten affordable clean energy in every state. Solar developments in the West depend heavily on allowing homeowners to sell their excess clean energy to their neighbors at a fair price. If successful, this proposal would eliminate the pricing structure that has made solar affordable in our region.  

Take action: Tell FERC to deny the petition now!


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