As practitioners of community organizing, WORC keeps two basic goals at the forefront of our efforts:

  • Win our issues.
  • Build our organizations.

A successful organization knows it needs to build the capacity to effect change and fulfill its mission.

Leadership and staff development are core components of our capacity building efforts.

  • Leadership development: We believe in shared leadership and that everyone has the potential to be a leader with the right encouragement and support. We focus on ensuring that our members have the support, skills and resources to effectively direct, represent and own their organizations.
  • Staff development: We believe in employing skilled and experienced professional staff who know how to build permanent, multi-issue, membership-based organizations. We provide our staff with the training and support they need to reach their full potential.

WORC Trainings, Workshops & Programs

Principles of Community Organizing Training: This introductory, four-day workshop covers the most important skills for organizers and leaders of grassroots community organizations and attracts participants from Mini-Principles of Community Organizing training: Hosted by a WORC member group, this shorter workshop ing covers the basics of grassroots community organizing.

Advanced Community Organizing & Leadership Workshop: Tailored for graduates of the Principles of Community Organizing workshops, these session covers topics such as negotiations, power analysis and leverage, and group facilitation skills.

Staff Director Professional Development Program: WORC offers a professional development program for staff directors of the member groups. It includes trainings, intra-network exchanges, and individualized coaching.

Continuing Education for Organizers Training: CEO trainings are designed for organizers in the WORC network with less than five years on the job. This workshop combines training and skills development with peer-based and applied learning.

Leadership & Action Workshop: These workshops are hosted by a local community group and a have three objectives — Advance a local issue campaign, Build the chapter and Cultivate leaders.

Power to Win Workshop: Power to Win workshops help the member groups succeed in two critical areas: (1) win their statewide issues and (2) build their organization by raising money, developing leaders, recruiting and engaging more members.

Chapters That Rock Development Program:This program engages staff and leaders in local group in a customized, year-long consultation to meet a chapter’s pressing needs.

Grassroots Fundraising Staff Peer Group: Fundraising staff in the WORC network troubleshoot problems and challenges and share information, approaches and best practices.

Staff and/or Leader Exchange Program: WORC facilitates inter-network exchanges for staff and leaders.

Individualized Coaching Program: WORC offers individualized coaching and assistance to all staff in the network, including face-to-face, telephone and video-conference consultation, as well as time spent together in the field.

New Chapter Organizing Program: WORC’s senior staff help the member groups think through and implement organizing assessments and drives for new local chapters.


WORC publishes How To guides that provide tips and techniques for building strong organizations and winning our issues. These free guides are available in pdf format.