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WORC’s Vision for a Fair Food and Farm Bill

Congress must pass a new Farm Bill that prioritizes a diverse and resilient food system, ensures fairness, and builds a sustainable and secure food supply for all Americans. The Farm Bill is a package of federal legislation enacted every five … Continued

Tackling “Fuel Poverty” in rural communities

WORC’s clean energy organizing pivots toward two important federal programs. Americans are struggling to make ends meet. Inflation is at a 41-year high, gas and food prices are through the roof, and wage growth, although encouraging, is lagging far behind … Continued

WORC welcomes North Dakota Native Vote to the network

North Dakota Native Vote has been winning on fair districting, protecting voter rights, and a host of other issues critical to Indigenous communities. At its December meeting, the WORC Board unanimously approved the membership of North Dakota Native Vote to … Continued

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2022 WORC year in review

WORC celebrates a big year for grassroots community organizing in the West. See full-size graphic here. As 2022 winds its way to a close, we wanted to highlight a few of WORC’s impacts from the year. We’ve had some big … Continued