WORC provides publications oriented towards community organizing and environmental and family agricultural issues.

Western Organizing Review, WORC’s quarterly newsletter


  • Heavy Traffic Still Ahead, updates WORC’s July 2012 report, Heavy Traffic Ahead, and reevaluates the anticipated increase in coal train traffic in light of the current proposals for new or expanded port facilities in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Heavy Traffic Ahead, a 2012 report identifies costs, many of which will fall on taxpayers for infrastructure due to increased rail traffic.
  • Undermined Promise, reveals serious problems with land and water reclamation and inspection and enforcement of the law.
  • Undermined Promise II, finds that coal companies have fallen far behind in reclaiming mines, and the public faces increasing liability for reclamation costs.
  • Watered Down: Oil & Gas Waste Production & Oversight in the West, examines how regulatory systems fail to protect residents and communities from the harmful effects of oil and gas development.
  • Gone for Good: Fracking and Water Loss in the West, a report on how the states of Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, and Wyoming let the oil and gas industry drain irreplaceable groundwater resources and remove these resources from the hydrological cycle.

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How Tos

  • Series of How To’s — guides to assist citizens to build strong organizations and effective issue campaigns.

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