U.S. energy policy is wasteful and unfairly subsidizes oil, coal and gas companies. Because of lavish subsidies to the fossil fuel industry, the development of wind, solar, and other renewable resources is proceeding slowly, despite technological innovations that make these energy sources more economical.

This short-sighted approach harms the Northern Plains and Rocky Mountain West,where irresponsible oil, gas and coal development

  • Pollutes air and water resources
  • Disrupts agricultural operations
  • Destroys wildlife habitat
  • Reduces property values
  • Damages human health

We need an energy policy that

  • Improves efficiency in energy use
  • Expands use of wind and solar power
  • Ensures responsible development of oil, gas and coal resources
  • Gives landowners more say in the course of energy development on their land by protecting their property rights
  • Includes the public in a meaningful way in decisions about the future of energy development