December 12, 2018

As Farm Bill passage nears, NAFTA 2.0 is the next step for meaningful ag reform

October 1, 2018

Conservation and Tribal Citizen Groups Challenge Trump Administration’s Rescission of BLM Waste Prevention Rule

September 18, 2018

Trump Administration rolls back standard limiting waste of natural gas

September 11, 2018

Western groups react to EPA proposal to lessen protections against oil and gas methane pollution

August 7, 2018

Groups sue Trump Administration over committee stacked with energy and mineral representatives

June 19, 2018

Resource councils’ statement on appeals court decision on study of coal leasing program

June 5, 2018

Government Watchdog Highlights Increasing Taxpayer Cost to Cleanup Orphaned Wells

May 16, 2018

Resource Councils Seek Investigation into Westmoreland Coal Mine Cleanup Funds

April 5, 2018
Report Finds Coal Self-Bonding Unnecessary and Risky

March 28, 2018
Conservation groups file to join federal suit over coal, oil, gas valuation

March 26, 2018

Court rejects BLM plans to mine 10 Billion Tons of Coal, install thousands of oil and gas wells over 15 million acres in Powder River Basin

February 23, 2018

Judge reinstates BLM methane waste prevention rule

February 12, 2018

Secretary Zinke wastes sensible methane standard

January 30, 2018

Family farmers and ranchers tell their stories


December 7, 2017

WORC criticizes suspension of methane waste prevention standard

October 18, 2017

USDA drops ranchers’ protection against unfair meatpacker practices

October 4, 2017

Groups​ ​to​ ​fight​ ​rollback​ ​of​ ​standards​ ​cutting wasteful​ ​flaring​ ​and​ ​leaking​ ​of​ ​methane

August 7, 2017

Trump administration reopens fossil fuel revenue loophole, cuts funds for coal counties

August 3, 2017

Family Farm and Ranch Groups Call for Coal Mine Cleanup on Anniversary

June 20, 2017

Report: Carbon Capture and Sequestration Expensive, Inefficient, Unreliable

May 10, 2017

Grassroots effort defeats attack on methane waste rule

April 10, 2017

Groups Ask President to Shut Down USDA’s Animal ID Road Tour

March 28, 2017

Trump climate order is a bad deal for Western communities

February 28, 2017

Statement by family farm and conservation groups on order to overhaul the Clean Water Rule

February 24, 2017

Stay on Mineral Royalty Reforms Hurts Taxpayers

Feb. 21, 2017

New Web-based Project Maps Oil and Gas Waste Stream in Four Western States

Feb. 3, 2017

House uses drastic measure to OK waste of natural gas by oil and gas companies

January 17, 2017

Ranchers’ Groups Move to Defend Pause in Federal Coal Leasing against Lawsuit by Utah Counties