The United States’ huge appetite for energy, our reliance on unstable and unfriendly countries for most of our oil, our addiction to dirty fossil fuels, and an irresponsible national energy policy are a deadly combination for the global environment and the Rocky Mountain West.

Our dependence on coal, oil and gas fuels global warming. The Bush administration’s rush to spur domestic natural gas production harmed western agriculture, water, communities, wildlife and public lands.

Fortunately, there is a good solution to our nation’s energy crisis—developing the West’s vast supply of clean and renewable energy. Renewable energy and energy efficiency are the fastest and most reliable way to increase energy supplies.

They also create more jobs than fossil fuel development, lower natural gas and electricity prices, and benefit the environment. Renewable resources are a common sense step away from our dependence on an unstable, unclean fossil fuel supply, and toward a new energy future.

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