Cloud Peak Energy Files Bankruptcy

As the coal market contracts, lives and livelihoods hang in the balance. On Friday, May 10, Cloud Peak Energy filed for bankruptcy protection in Delaware federal court. Unfavorable market pressures have brought low another of the country’s top coal mining … Continued

Hardrock Mining Reform Seeks to Level the Playing Field

Legislation Introduced in both House and Senate aims to collect royalties from minerals mined on public land and ensure that hard rock mines are cleaned up. During a May 9th press conference, Congressman Grijalva (D-AZ) and Lowenthal (D-CA), along with … Continued

coal mine heavy equipment

Mining New Opportunities: Creating Resilient, Self-Reliant Communities in Coal Country

Coal has been a source of pride in North Dakota for decades. During its reign, coal brought to the region some great economic benefits, but new technologies and social pressures have pushed the market in a different direction. Thus far, North Dakota has been fairly insulated from coal’s decline because our coal is in the form of lignite. Historically, we had to be innovative to make our lignite coal cost-effective and usable. Our system, known as “mine mouth” plants, has kept coal viable longer even as it has become uneconomical around the country. With the recent closure of Beulah mine, demolition of Stanton Station, and the announcement of the closure of Heskett Station, we find ourselves wondering what is next for Coal Country?

reno charette, teacher and native student advocate

Western Native Voice Community Spotlight: Reno Charette

The Native American Achievement Center, on the Montana State University-Billings campus, helps to recruit and retain American Indian students. Reno Charette, the Director of the Achievement Center, teaches courses in Native American studies and advocates for students by providing academic and personal support. This month, Western Native Voice Community Spotlight stopped by the Achievement Center recently to visit with Reno about their role on campus and some upcoming events.