Symbiotic Relationships are the Key to Understanding Rural Vitality

These three new Homegrown Stories illustrate how symbiotic relationships make farming and ranching some of the most interconnected professions on the planet. Whether it’s the personal relationships between farmers and the people looking to eat healthy, local food, or the relationship between ranchers and the animals that they tend, or even the intricate relationships between farmers and ranchers with each other, there are innumerable stories to tell.

  • independent food producerKarlene Hunter and her business partner Mark Tilsen built Native American Natural Foods – Tanka right from the Pine Ridge Reservation in Kyle, South Dakota. Native American Natural Foods – Tanka is built on the determination to better the health and lives of people on the Pine Ridge Reservation and provide healthy eating to the entire country through sustainable and traditional methods. Their company goes above and beyond to support Native producers through the Tanka Fund. Check out their incredible rise to success and what stands in their way today.
  • independent colorado farmerScott Horner wants to see the 2018 Farm Bill supporting small scale and family farmers. He calls out problems written in the version voted down by the House of Representatives on May 18th and explains what he and other producers would like to see. The Farm Bill impacts Americans’ everyday lives but most people don’t realize it does not just pertain to farmers and ranchers. See how the Farm Bill affects you.  
  • monica wiitanenMonica Wiitanen has been baking bread for decades, but it has only been within the last six years that she can sell her bread legally. The Cottage Food Law changed Monica’s life. She is thankful for the legislation that allows her to do what she loves most — providing delicious, artisan bread to her community. Read about what it took to get her operation up and running.  

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