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Wyoming Counties Face $42 Million in Delinquent Mineral Taxes

In the face of a statewide budget crisis, mineral extraction companies owe Wyoming taxpayers over $42 million in county taxes unpaid on their operations throughout the state. Last month, Powder River Basin Resource Council released a new report entitled Tax … Continued

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5 graphs explain coal in Trump’s first year

This report is the result of a collaboration between Appalachian Voices and the Western Organization of Resource Councils to assess the effect of Trump Administration policies on economic growth in coal-producing regions. By Colin Lauderdale & Erin Savage One year … Continued

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One step forward for the coal industry, two steps back

For every step forward in 2017, the coal industry saw at least two steps backward. The slow unraveling of the industry will take time, but each passing month begs certain questions about the future more and more urgently. Will coal … Continued

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Methane standards fight continues

Organizing efforts on federal methane standards kept WORC and its member groups busy throughout 2017. WORC beat the Trump administration in Congress and the courts. Without the persistence of WORC and the member groups, the methane rules could be wiped … Continued

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Wyoming panel focuses on diversifying economy and revenue

Powder River Basin Resource Council (PRBRC) featured a panel conversation on Wyoming’s energy and economic future early in November at its Annual Meeting in Sheridan. Panelists included Rep. Mike Madden, Chair of the Wyoming House Revenue Committee; Rob Godby, Director … Continued

NAFTA re-negotiations

Re-negotiate Country of Origin Labels into New NAFTA

November 17 marked the beginning of the 5th round of North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) re-negotiations in Mexico. It also marked the anniversary of when the U.S. House of Representatives passed NAFTA into law in 1993. When we heard … Continued


RECLAIM Act Cleans Up Coal Mines and Creates Jobs

I’m a coal miner from Nucla, Colorado, where I work for Elk Ridge Mining and Reclamation. We are currently reclaiming New Horizon North Mine. In August of 2016, my coworkers and I were informed by Tri-State Generation and Transmission that … Continued