WORC’s Agriculture and Food Campaign addresses one of the fundamental problems facing rural America: the need to advance the economic and environmental sustainability of family farms and ranches.

The Campaign challenges an industry that has little regard for biodiversity, sustainability, animal well-being, public health or the rural economy.

The Campaign is working to revitalize rural communities through grassroots action and local projects that foster sustainable agricultural practices, owner-operated businesses and cooperatives, fair competition in agricultural markets, conservation of land, water and air, and availability of fresh, healthful, locally-produced foods.

News from ag and food

independent ranchers Grant & Mabel Dobbs

Independent ranchers gain protections and challenge checkoff

Independent ranchers received good news this week. On December 14,  the Grains Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Administration announced the Farmer Fair Practices Rules. The rules…

anti-corporate farming law

ND Farm Bureau can still do the right thing

North Dakota voters decided to keep an anti-corporate farming law. Dakota Resource Council member Jeri Lynn Bakken takes after the North Dakota Farm Bureau for…

trans-pacific partnership family agriculture

Trans-Pacific Partnership Off the Agenda, for now

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is dead, for now. Democratic and Republican leaders have indicated Congress will not consider the TPP this year. In September, Western…