WORC's grassroots democracy

Ensuring full participation in the political process

WORC’s Grassroots Democracy Program is the political and civic engagement arm of our region. The Program provides a model for coordination among our member groups for a region-wide network of organizations committed to the goal of ensuring that all of our members are able to fully participate in our democracy. 

Civic Engagement

The Grassroots Democracy program enhances and protects voter rights, advocates for public policy that matches the values of WORC’s membership, and provides opportunities for our members to become a fully engaged part of the political process. In many cases, we are the convener of other statewide groups to facilitate the coordination of data, strategy and statewide civic engagement goals. We develop integrated, data-driven plans for advancing civic engagement in diverse communities by assessing each state’s makeup, trends in population migration, voting, and participation and creating tools to inform joint programs across the state, including voter registration and access, voter education, and non-partisan Get Out the Vote efforts. 

Candidate Support

Through our affiliated Political Action Committees, we support candidates who stand up for our values, through the coordination of statewide independent expenditure programs that directly support or oppose candidates at the local, state, and federal levels. We focus on engaging and empowering historically underrepresented communities so that we can build the power needed to eliminate barriers to civic participation and guarantee that policy-making is guided by the public interest, not special interests.

News from Grassroots Democracy

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