November 6th is coming up and your issues are at stake!

A friendly reminder of how important it is to vote in our Western states.

November 6th is only seven days away. Now is a great time to review your ballot options and find your polling place. Just as important as knowing your polling location is understanding your voting rights, which can vary from state to state.

I strongly encourage you to vote. Regardless of your political party, exercising your right to vote is your opportunity to shape the future of our country. The more people that vote, the more representative our democracy becomes!

There are many close races in our states this year, and your vote could make a difference. The midterm elections will determine not only the legislative agenda in the House and Senate for the next Congress, but also impact future judicial appointments. Also, after the next census in 2020, voting districts may be redrawn. In most states, state legislators are the ones who draw the district boundaries. These elections will also determine the national and state legislators who will decide how your taxes are allocated and how the government will be funded for the next fiscal year. It’s your money: you should have a say in how it’s being spent.

And of course, the outcome of Election Day will have a major impact on issue work across the WORC network. On the national front, the makeup of Congress following the midterms will determine the timing and policy measures of a new Farm Bill, budget appropriations for agencies such as the Department of the Interior, and future legislative efforts including oil and gas development, mining, local food systems, food safety, and wind and solar energy.

You can find out which proposed measures may be on your state and local ballot by clicking here.

Remember: the poll opening time may vary depending on your state, but most polls are open until 8 p.m. on November 6th.

Best wishes, and thank you for voting,

John Smillie