Agriculture and food

WORC’s Agriculture and Food Campaign addresses one of the fundamental problems facing rural America: the need to advance the economic and environmental sustainability of family farms and ranches.

The Campaign challenges an industry that has little regard for biodiversity, sustainability, animal well-being, public health or the rural economy.

The Campaign is working to revitalize rural communities through grassroots action and local projects that foster sustainable agricultural practices, owner-operated businesses and cooperatives, fair competition in agricultural markets, conservation of land, water and air, and availability of fresh, healthful, locally-produced foods.

News from ag and food

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This is what changing the dominant narrative on our food systems looks like.

Welcome to Homegrown Stories’ new website. We’re excited to announce the launch of our new Homegrown Stories website! The team made significant changes to the…

WORC supporting farm aid

WORC joins Farm Aid celebration to support family farmers and ranchers

As a new farm crisis looms, Farm Aid continues using great music to bring people together in support of independent producers. [caption id="attachment_6167" align="alignright" width="300"]…

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Court sides with the people of North Dakota upholding ban on corporate farming

Judge upholds 86-year-old agriculture law as both functional and constitutional Written by Dakota Resource Council. Close to one hundred years ago, the people of North…