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People cultivating good food, healthy land and homegrown prosperity.

Homegrown Stories is WORC’s narrative project highlighting farmers and ranchers doing agriculture right and the struggles they face trying to compete with industrialized agriculture. This is an intimate look into strong, resilient rural communities and the people who fight for the land and people who call these places home.

Join the homegrown prosperity movement using the hashtag #RuralVitality or check out the Homegrown Stories web site.

More about Homegrown Stories

The average American family farm operates at a net loss. Corporate consolidation and conglomeration has driven producers out of business, given consumers fewer healthy food choices, and weakened American sovereignty over our own food laws. International ag companies would have you believe this is necessary. They have sold policymakers and consumers a tall tale about the need for intensive, large-scale, industrial agriculture and factory farms.

Through Homegrown Stories, we offer a different choice.

This narrative project aims to elevate people who do incredible work in our food system. By sharing their stories, we hope to tell the whole truth about American agriculture. By sharing these stories, we:

  • Debunk the myth that bigger is always better.
  • Affirm that stewardship of the land and commitment to community comes before investor returns.
  • Put people ahead of profits.

It’s time to reclaim our food system. It’s time to stand up for, and advocate for farmers and ranchers, healthy consumers and prosperous land. It starts with telling a better, more accurate story than what you’ve already heard.

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